Adam Jarvis

Adam Jarvis –  “Tips for Metal drummers” course


I started to get into metal, bands like Morbid Angel, Slayer, Testament, Cannibal Corpse, Fear Factory, Sepultura, and Pantera to name a few.  I actually did not have a double pedal until I graduated 8th grade, so instead I put two of my dad’s single pedals together and put the snare off to the side and fuckin rocked it!!!!! After I got the double pedal I was in love and it was on!!  I started jammin with different people and started a band my freshman year. My first studio recording was in Edwardsville, IL. close to where I grew up, with my band Mad Face Invasion.  Pretty killer stuff.  I actually listened t it the other day and was pretty surprised there are blast beat sections and a lot of weird timing fills and double bass parts.  We went on to play quite a few shows in the St. Louis area and a lot of parties, but eventually kicked out the singer and started a new band called All Will Fall around 2001 or so and we still jam to this day!!!  All Will Fall is brutal metal and we have been in the studio twice and have played a lot of shows, and destroy every place we play!!!!!!

Now comes the year 2004 which changed my life;  there was this new band that I was into at the time called Misery Index and one day I check my e-mail and they are searching for a drummer, so I immediately got on it.  All Will Fall actually opened up the Dying Fetus, Misery Index, and Skinless tour, so I already met the guys and they told me at that show that they thought I was a SICK DRUMMER.  I sent in a video playing the 3 songs they suggested and actually had to overnight it cause I didn’t find out till late.  I got a phone call the next morning and who was it….. Kevin Talley!!!  Probably one of the coolest phone calls I have ever received.  He said man you are the guy!!!  Kevin was back in Misery Index for the time being and was gonna leave after the tour they had coming up with Kataklsm and then I was the man.

Now present day;  I have probably played well over 300 shows with the band, been to Europe 5 times, went to Japan, Puerto Rico, and 14 different countries in Europe just in the year 2006. Did 188 show’s alone in 2006. We released a CD on Relapse Records called “Discordia”,  check it out yo.  We’ve toured with bands like Cephalic Carnage, Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Napalm Death, Fear Factory, Behemoth, Cattle Decap, Intronaught, Disfear, Phobia, Neuraxis, Animosity, From a Second Story Window, JFAC, and many more just to name a few!!!!  We are getting ready to go back to Europe to tour with Necrophagist and Origin!!!  So check out those bands that we have toured with if you haven’t heard of any of them and stay SICK!!