Bodo Stricker

Live performance:


Bodo Stricker is a drumming machine. Ultrafast, ultratight, highly versatile, with insane song memory, high precision, an incredible dynamic, unbelievable power and extraordinary endurance. He is the transformer among drummers – from human to drum robot. It is no surprise he is called the “DrUmBeAsT.”

At around 14 years of age Bodo took his first steps in becoming one of Germany’s best drummers when he filled in for the sick drummer at his local music school. He soon started to share his passion with his older brother Ulf, who is also a well known drummer. After many years of practice sessions in his parent’s basement in a small town near Düsseldorf, Germany, and all self-taught skills he decided to record his first CD.

Originally, Mr. DrUmBeAsT started out as a jazz drummer, so naturally his first musical recordings had been situated in that genre. Several years later he discovered the band Primus, which has been one of his main influences and has helped shape his style of drumming. Bodo still credits Tim Alexander (and Vinnie Colaiuta) as his main role model.

He soon joined the band Absurt, which wrote similar songs and covered some popular Primus songs. While recording their first full length album, Bodo met his future band mates from Final Virus. Juggling more than one band at a time would become something he maintained for years to come. With Final Virus he embarked on a 3-week-long tour of China, where they were much celebrated and played in front of more than 70,000 people at local festivals. Their Zappa-esque style of music has made them very well-respected among the German progressive music crowd and even earned them a gig at famous Zappanale festival in Northeastern Germany.

Having always enjoyed heavier music as well, “Bo” also joined the band 2$ Haircut from Cologne, Germany. There, he was able to act out his metal side. Over the past couple of years he had developed an interest in bands like Meshuggah and Slipknot and emulated drumming icons such as Tomas Haake (whom he also cites as a huge influence).

Eventually, he left all 3 bands and founded a new musical project called Last One Dying in 2007. Starting out originally as a spoof of the metalcore genre, the band soon became popular among the German metal community, so they went on to record their first EP Anthems Of The Lost.

During a Last One Dying tour in late 2007, Bodo met his future bandmates from Callejon, a Cologne-based metal band with entirely German lyrics. When they needed a replacement for their old drummer in early 2008, they didn’t hesitate to call up the DrUmBeAsT himself to do the job. Bodo Stricker agreed, but insisted on staying with Last One Dying as well. Hence, he was on double-duty yet again.

Callejon then signed a record deal with one of the world’s most established metal labels, Nuclear Blast Records, and released their debut album Zombieactionhauptquartier in the Fall of 2008. They went on to perform at prestigious festivals such as Wacken, With Full Force, Summerbreeze, and Area4.

Bodo had been featured in a 4-page interview in the January 2009 edition of Sticks magazine and he was also part of a Zildjian advertisement campaign in Germany.

After extensive touring with Callejon, Bo devoted his time to “his baby” Last One Dying. After supporting metal legends Sepultura and having been elected “demo of the month” by German Metal Hammer magazine, they released their debut album, The Hour Of Lead, in the Fall of 2009. It received rave reviews among the German metal press and several tours followed.

In late 2009 the DrUmBeAsT recorded the drum tracks for the new Callejon record entitled Videodrom, which was released in the Spring of 2010. Shortly after recording, Bodo left the band and now focuses on song-writing for Last One Dying’s sophomore album. He also joined a project called Whyteboy in the summer of 2010, a hip-hop meets rock band helmed by Frank Dursthoff and Pappa Bear, a songwriter/producer who worked with the likes of Marky Mark, *Nsync and the Backstreet Boys in the 1990s. Whyteboy are currently in the process of signing a major record label deal, so there will be promising times ahead for Mr. Stricker.

He has now become a role model for young drummers who are trying to emulate his fast as lightning feet. Bodo’s name has now become synonymous with extraordinary double-bass skills and he constantly strives to be even better.

Over the past couple of years, Bodo has also been a staple at Musikmesse Frankfurt, where he always performs at the DW booth. In 2010 the DrUmBeAsT was also featured on a large banner next to Dennis Chambers at the Zildjian booth. Simultaneously, once again he was featured in a Zildjian advertising campaign across Germany. This time for the Z3 cymbals. In addition to Zildjian cymbals and DW drums, pedals & hardware he also endorses Vic Firth sticks and Remo heads. Occassionally, he perfoms with his brother Ulf as a much celebrated drum duo.

His famous lightning-speed double-bass play, his eclectic drumming skills ranging from jazz and hip-hop to metal and his dedication and passion for drums make everyone believe why he is called the DrUmBeAsT.