Nick Augusto

Nick Augusto – “Tips from a touring drummer” course   Nick Augusto (born 4 August 1986) is an American drummer of the heavy metal band Trivium. He replaced Travis Smith on 4 February 2010. Since joining Trivium, Augusto has recorded: “Shattering the Skies Above”—which featured on the God of War: Blood & Metal EP— a […]


Tim Alexander

Tim Alexander – “How to be musical” course   Tim “Herb” Alexander is one of the most innovative but still little known drummers in the drumming community. If you’ve heard of Primus then you probably still haven’t heard of him. Herb is the second to last of a long list of drummers to play for […]


Tony Arco

Tonny Arco  –  “Technique & Broken Jazz” course   Tonny Arco  –  “Rudiments” course   Born in Milan in 1965, Tony Arco began learning the drums at the age of thirteen with Maestro Lucchini.His first professional experiences started at the age of 18 with various local groups, while his first major jazz engagement was with […]


Chris Adler

Live performance:   Chris Adler was born in Washington, DC on November 23, 1972. As a toddler, Chris began playing with broken sticks from his backyard on his parents coffee cans. As he grew he studied years of piano with his mother a singer, pianist and performer herself. Through middle school Chris learned alto saxophone […]