John Boecklin

John Boecklin – Live performance   Vic Firth artist John Boecklin is the beast behind the beat for the band DevilDriver – a band that prides themselves on “working harder and rocking harder” than the rest. Since first forming in 2003, the Santa Barbara metal quintet has stuck resolutely to this mission, even though it’s […]


Bruce Becker

Bruce Becker – “Drum education & Drum philosophy”  course Bruce Becker – “Concepts  and philosophies” DVD   What do Neil Peart, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, and Bruce Becker have in common…..? All of these drummers have sought the unique insights and perspective on balance and motion from drum “guru” Freddie Gruber. Gruber’s reputation rests upon […]


JP Bouvet

JP Bouvet –  “Odd times”  course   JP (Jean-Pierre) Bouvet is the drummer of Helicopria, Dave Mackay Group, and “Drew and JP.” From his home in New York City, alongside these groups and frequent sessions, he is consistently and passionately uploading new content to his website, is a hub for inspiration and education, […]


Sergio Bellotti

Sergio Bellotti – “Melodic Drums” course   Sergio Bellotti arrived in the USA from Italy in 1995. He quickly became very active in the music scene of Boston as well as attending the Berklee College of Music as a scholarship winner. He has since become a worldwide known clinician/performer/educator. Sergio has also recorded and/or shared […]


Stefano “Brushman” Bagnoli

Stefano “Brushman” Bagnoli – Brushes Course “We Kids Trio” live performance   Very well-know in Italy as master Jazz classic drumming exponent, Stefano “brushman” Bagnoli is a real specialist in the use of brushes. Since 1978 he has been carrying out a remarkable musical activity together with some of leading italian and foreign jazzmen. Thanks […]