Frost – “Tips from a touring drummer” course   Kjetil-Vidar Haraldstad (stage name Frost), was born on June 28, 1973 in Øyer, Oppland, Norway, and is the drummer in the black metal bands Satyricon and 1349. Frost has previously performed with Gorgoroth, Zyklon-B, Gehenna and Keep Of Kalessin. He originally joined Satyricon temporarily to record […]


Larry Finn

Larry Finn – “Applying  rudiments on drum” course   At the age of thirteen, Larry Finn was nicknamed “Mozart” in the drumcorps world. He had toured with the 27th Lancers becoming one of the top snare drummers in the country. In 1985 Larry received his undergraduate degree in arranging at Berklee College of Music. He […]


Maxx Furian

Maxx Furian – “Metric Modulations” course   Versatile drummer for the new generation, he has been involved for years in his personal jazz and fusion projects (Faces, Subjects, La Drummeria) and has his first solo CD release with the Maxx Furian Band. In addition to this, he has always been active in pop music, playing […]