Aaron Solowoniuk

Aaron Solowoniuk – “Tips from a touring drummer” course   Aaron Solowoniuk  (21 November 1974 Streetsville, Ontario, Canada), is the drummer for the Canadian band Billy Talent. Solowoniuk was born and raised in Streetsville, Ontario and began drumming at a young age, His first set being a gift from his parents. His father was born […]


Mark Schulman

Mark Schulman – “How to get in the music industry” course Live performance:   Born and raised in L.A., Mark Schulman became interested in pursuing music as a mere toddler. At age 3, he witnessed the phenomenon of Beatlemania: “…I remember seeing a repeat of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show with my brother […]


Bodo Stricker

Live performance:   Bodo Stricker is a drumming machine. Ultrafast, ultratight, highly versatile, with insane song memory, high precision, an incredible dynamic, unbelievable power and extraordinary endurance. He is the transformer among drummers – from human to drum robot. It is no surprise he is called the “DrUmBeAsT.” At around 14 years of age Bodo […]


Raphael Saini

Raphael Saini – “Blast Beats” course   Raphael Saini was born in Sao Paulo and was raised in Italy, he played with an impressive amount of bands and toured europe several times with his project Chaoswave before starting his carreer as session drummer. He had the chance to study drums with many teachers including Dino […]


Tony “Thunder” Smith

Tony “Thunder” Smith – Drum solo   Tony “Thunder” Smith is a world-renowned drummer, vocalist and producer, having worked with some of the most legendary artists of all time. Today, Tony is touring and recording with Lou Reed, and is endorsed by major drum and percussion companies. He has been involved in a variety of […]