David Haley

David Haley –  “Live performance”


Dave Haley is an Australian drummer with the death metal band Psycroptic, the black metal band Ruins, both from Hobart, and the Melbourne grindcore band Blood Duster. As of August, 2013 he is also a touring member of the death/black metal band The Amenta from Sydney, with whom he previously served between 2003 and 2007. He has also recorded with Belgian death metal band Aborted, the Progressive Death Metal band The End of All Reason, also from Belgium and the Dubai-based thrash act Nervecell.

Haley formed Psycroptic in 1999 with his brother Joe, bass guitarist Cameron Grant and vocalist Matthew Chalk. Chalk was subsequently replaced by Jason Peppiatt. Previously, the Haleys were members of Disseminate. In 2003, he joined The Amenta with his brother Joe; he joined fellow Hobart musician Alex Pope in his black metal project Ruins in 2004. Since 2007, Haley has been the drummer with Blood Duster, having taken over the role from Matt Rizzo.

Haley has recorded five albums with Psycroptic, four albums and an EP with Ruins, two albums with The Amenta and an EP with Blood Duster.