Inferno – “Tips for Metal drummers” course


Zbigniew Robert Promiński (b. December 30, 1978 in Tczew), stage name Inferno, is a Polish heavy metal drummer. He has contributed to bands such as Behemoth, Azarath, Witchmaster, Damnation, Deus Mortem, Artrosis, Christ Agony and Devilyn. Also, his endorsements include Paiste, Czarcie Kopyto, Pearl Drums, Vic Firth, and Wyborowa.

Inferno joined Behemoth in 1997. He is known as one of the fastest and most technically proficient drummers in today’s extreme metal scene. An example of his drumming speed can be heard on the Behemoth song Modern Iconoclast from Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond). Also at “Slaying The Prophets ov Isa” and “Pazuzu” from The Apostasy he has reached a tempo of 270bpm in the studio.[citation needed] Shemhamforash reached 275bpm in studio. Slaves Shall Serve was 270 bpm, but at Sweden Rock Festival in 2005, he played it at around 290bpm.

At NAMM 2008, Spaun Drums unveiled a 8×14 signature Inferno snare drum. The 18 ply Maple/Birch snare drum features a gun-metal finish with custom graphics and diecast hoops.

In 2010 he changed cymbal endorsement to Paiste Cymbals. He currently uses the Rude Wild cymbal series.