Ivan Panella

Ivan Panella – Live performance


Ivan Panella is the drummer and one of the forming members of the Italian screamo/rock band Hopes Die Last which he has been drumming for since 2005.

He started playing drums at the age of 8, and by the age of 9, he was taking private lessons with Franco Bianco (drummer/percussionist) who currently plays for the infamous flamenco band “Los Vivancos”.

With a natural passion for fast music, rock and even classic rock it wasn’t too long before Ivan started playing in local bands in which over his teen years covered styles such as Pop/Punk, Rock and Metal. During this time he was also participated in various musical activities that would develop his style to what is is today.

At the present time his drumming can be heard on all of the HDL records and on his latest collaborations with Michele Longobardi on a pop/rock project for Universal Italia.

He also collaborates on other projects where he does pre-production for drum recordings and also covers other styles of music, such as Hip Pop and Electronic.

Now happy to be part of the Zildjian family, a long dream come true, Ivan can be caught playing live on tour with HDL. Catch him on one of his shows, the guy has some serious chops!