Jacopo Volpe

Jacopo Volpe live performance


Jacopo Volpe was born in Rome in 1990 and started play drums when he was just four years old. When Jacopo was seven, he played in an Italian band called “Gazosa”, who won “Sanremo Giovani – Festival della Musica Italia”.

After winning, Jacopo started a new band called New Hope and in the span of two years, performed several shows in and around Italy and Eastern Europe, including Latvia-Estonia-Poland.

Jacopo then joined an important Italian band called Vanilla Sky. With Vanilla Sky he did more than 400 gigs in just five years, all over the world  – Italy, Japan, Austria, France, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Netherlands and many more. They also played in some of the biggest European Festivals and shared the stage with bands like +44, Suicidal Tendencies, Yellowcard, Rage Against The Machine, All Time Low, Lagwagon and many more.

The band signed a recording contract with Universal Music Italy and have produced and worked together for more than 4 years. Their single “Umbrella” has been number 1 on the music charts in The Netherlands, Belgium and Brazil.

Vanilla Sky is currently making plans to tour throughout March and April, 2014.