John Fred Young

John Fred Young “Tips from a touring drummer” course Drummers don’t just play music..they live it..from the time they wake up with coffee until they fall asleep from exhaustion. Playing, singing and writing, most drummers and musicians go to extreme lengths to live out their dreams. John Fred Young was born December 11th,1984 into a […]


Manuel Lotter

Manuel Lotter – Live performance   Manuel began taking drum lessons at his local music school when he was six years old and became one of the best drum students very quickly. He later joined the local marching band and played his first live experiences in front of hundreds of people. At the age of 13 […]


Markus Czenia

Markus Czenia – Live Perfrmance   Born in 1972 in Germany, Czenia had a brainstorm in his early 30s: what if he tried to tell the rich story of the Vikings as a modern saga – only with drums (instead of more traditional narrative media)? The result was his composition “Journey To Vinland,” a musical […]