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Lyndsay Evans

Lyndsay Evans – “Musical shows” course


Originally from Bournemouth, Lyndsay studied at the Trinity College of Music, London before becoming a professional freelancer.

Deciding after music college that the best plan was simply to play with as many people as possible, Lyndsay went on to play with groups as diverse as Noise Ensemble, NYJO, Snakey Sue, A Snake Charmer, Moveable Feast, A World Music Band, Trance DJ Luke Slater and Polish artist Katy Carr, before departing into the world of pop.

Lyndsay played with the all-female group The Mentalists in 2006 before going onto play percussion with Reverend & the Makers having met them at the Glastonbury festival. In 2007, Lyndsay toured with Eros Ramazzotti and Ricky Martin before playing a weekly residency in London where she met and played with the Black Eyed Peas, Amy Winehouse and Grace Jones. This led to an invitation to New York where Lyndsay played with Wyclef Jean!

As well as appearing in several music videos and adverts, Lyndsay regularly appears on shows including the X Factor, T4, MTV and has just presented a show for The Disney Channel, called ‘Pro Jams’, teaching the drums.