John Macaluso

John Macaluso – “Odd Times” course   John Macaluso  –  “Linear Drumming” course   John Macaluso  – “Groove” course   http://www.johnmacaluso.com/ The taste of songwriting, both lyrically and musically, was now inspiring John to do more than just drumming. His passion for recording drove him to record dozens of records after the demise of ARK. […]


Jojo Mayer

Live performance:   Born January 18. 1963 in Zurich, Switzerland. Son of a musician (bass player Vali Mayer), he spent his early childhood on the road traveling throughout Europe and the Far East. At the age of 2 he got his first drum set, and his first public performance took place in Hong Kong when […]


Roy Mayorga

Roy Mayorga – “Tips from a touring drummer” course   Instinct initially attracted Roy Mayorga to the drums. As a result, his playing remains primal, passionate, and powerful. The Stone Sour drummer became inexplicably drawn to the instrument almost in tandem with taking his first steps. He recalls pounding away on his mother’s pots and […]


Paul Mazurkiewicz

Paul Mazurkiewicz – “Tips for Metal drummers” course Live performance   One of two remaining original members of Cannibal Corpse, drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz is a veritable force to be reckoned with. A composer and primary songwriter of the group, Paul’s intricate lyrics are recognized as being the group’s most complex, as seen in songs such […]


Aldo Mazza

Aldo Mazza – “Buzz  rolls” course:   Aldo Mazza is an internationally-recognized drummer-percussionist, recording artist, clinician, and educator. Performance: •  4 World Tours on major concert stages •  Member of international touring & recording artist “Répercussion” •  Many radio and television appearances, live CBC/Radio Canada recordings •  Special Concerts for many dignitaries including US. Presidents […]


Derrick McKenzie

Derrick McKenzie – Live Performance   Derrick started drumming in the 1960s, at the age of six, banging furiously on the kitchen floor with two of his mum’s coat hangers, to a beat on the radio. Even at this early age Derrick knew that drumming was the one thing he really wanted to do. At […]


Marco Minnemann

Marco Minnemann – How to be a musical drummer course   German native, Marco Minnemann is looked upon by his peers as one of the most gifted, innovative, cutting-edge drummers on the international music scene today. He has won numerous awards for his educational drum books and videos and was recently featured on the cover […]


Moritz Mueller

Live performance:   Moritz Müller was born in Wuerzburg into a musical family. He was first inspired by the drummer of his father’s band and later also the American drummer Jim Evans who lived and worked in Wuerzburg for several years. After finishing school he met Udo Dahmen who then became his teacher fort he […]