Nick Augusto

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Nick Augusto (born 4 August 1986) is an American drummer of the heavy metal band Trivium. He replaced Travis Smith on 4 February 2010. Since joining Trivium, Augusto has recorded: “Shattering the Skies Above”—which featured on the God of War: Blood & Metal EP— a cover of Sepultura’s “Slave New World”,In Waves. and the bands latest album, Vengeance Falls. Before joining Trivium, Augusto was the drummer for the Floridian grindcore band Maruta, as well as Metal Militia, in which he played with Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto. According to Gregoletto, Nick had been friends with the band for some time: “The first time I ever rehearsed was at Nick’s house.”

According to Metal Hammer Magazine and Paolo Gregoletto of Trivium, he goes by the stage alias “Daddy Magnum”.

Nick uses Pearl and DW bass drum pedals. He also uses Pro-Mark drumsticks (Millennium II American Hickory 5B with nylon tip).