John Ramsay

John Ramsay – “Rudimental Ritual & Alan Dawson drum method” course   John Ramsay is a drummer, recording artist, author, educator and clinician. A native of Northampton, Massachusetts, John has been playing and studying drums for the past 36 years. John Ramsay serves as the chair of the percussion faculty at the Berklee College of […]


Derek Roddy

Derek Roddy – “How to  gain speed on drums” course   Derek Roddy has forever changed the face of Extreme Metal drumming and, is fast becoming one of the more influential drummers in the world today. Derek is by no means the originator of the blast beat but, one of it’s biggest pioneers and educators, […]


Billy Rymer

Billy Rymer – “Tips for extreme drumming” course   Billy started playing drums at age six. He grew up listening to a variety of music and utilized his practice time over the years to develop a well versed approach in many different styles such as drum n bass, jazz, hip hop, latin, reggae, metal, punk, […]